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We’re looking for a Generalist Game Designer with a specialty in Game Feel to work on our current game, Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure, and upcoming game projects.

Your profile

You are a game designer generalist. You’re detail oriented and are not afraid to get your hands dirty in engine to prototype and implement whatever is needed to communicate and complete the design. You are a collaborator, working close with production and the team to understand the limitations of the design space possible and finding solutions that are not just good for the game and the players but also good for the team and the scope.

However, your specialty is in making the game feel smooth like butter. You are thoughtful about the user experience flow, able to empathise with the needs of players very different to yourself. You like to work close with animators to get the right gameplay timing, with the audio team to make sure sounds pull the right emotions from the player, with VFX folks to make sure the gameplay effects communicate things cleanly, clearly and impactfully.

You know the little tricks to make the character, camera and controls feel great.

You have a strong visual sense and are able to communicate and explain your ideas to multi-disciplinary teams clearly. You’re interested in bringing and consolidating new ideas from your life and interests into the industry. You are a strong vision keeper and able to direct projects with a small team.

What you would be doing

You would work with the other game designers on new game concepts and prototypes, helping to strongly define player interactions, game loops and systems. You’d work directly on prototypes to evaluate and iterate on your ideas, and write concept and design documents.

During production, you’d have ownership over whole features and work to pull them from the hazy clouds of ideas into a polished and shippable state, collaborating closely with other team members to ensure that everyone is in the same page. You’ll be in engine, implementing your designs and working closely with code to set up the various systems you need and test and balance them to the shared vision you’ve worked out with the design team.

Ultimately, we’re looking for someone who can add juice to the game, think like a player, and advocate for the target audience to create the best experience possible.


  • An existing portfolio with multiple games and/or prototypes
  • Experience with 3D engines such as Unity and Unreal
  • Very good communication skills
    • Ability to give and receive feedback
    • Ability to explain gameplay and systems through word, text, drawings and charts
  • Understanding of systemic game design
  • Ability to work in a small team
  • Working in a self-reliant, decently organized manner


  • Rudimentary programming knowledge
    • Strong Unreal experience is appreciated but not necessary
  • Experience in a company as a game designer
  • Worked on shipped games

Perks & Benefits

  • Unlimited work contract
  • 30 days of paid vacation per year
  • Money and time budget for training and education
  • Flexible work hours (parent friendly)
  • No crunch
  • No NFTs
  • One-month Sabbatical possible after you have worked with us for two years
  • We work in a beautiful, industrial-style office
  • You will get a public transport ticket (Deutschlandticket) for Germany
  • We offer flexibility to work from home two days per week
  • We do regular paid-for team events
  • We have weekly team lunches
  • Discounts for gyms and bike sponsorships can be arranged
  • Our office manager will help you with the challenges of relocating
  • We offer financial help for relocation
  • Office dogs!

Why we do what we do

When we founded Massive Miniteam all we wanted was a nice and stable work environment. For us that meant being happy and healthy while working on exciting projects. Today we are fortunate to share this vision with our ever growing team.

We value good communication, inclusivity and professionality. We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and respected so that they have space and time to grow. To work with us means to join a kind and generally lighthearted environment and always be confronted with new and exciting tasks to tackle.

What we do

We work on multiple unannounced titles in varying stages of development, different genres and project scopes but are currently focused on bringing our new game, Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure, from Early Access to version 1.0. We strive to develop high quality indie games that are made with a lot of love, care and professionality.

In our humble beginnings we were split between game development and client work to keep our studio running. Since Massive Miniteam has been acquired by HandyGames and became part of THQ Nordic we are 100% dedicated to video games.

Our main focus is developing our own games, but thanks to our experience with console development we have the opportunity to work with a lot of interesting companies and to help them port their games to many different platforms.

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