Narrative Designer (f/m/d)

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Narrative Designer (F/M/D)
Freelance // Remote
Level: All levels can apply

At Screen Juice, we champion action packed gameplay experiences and intriguing systems that always put the player first.

As part of our team, you will develop a compelling world, characters and engaging narrative systems for Morbid Metal, a dark sci-fi, hack ‘n’ slash roguelite, in which players can shapeshift between unique characters to slaughter enemies with powerful combos.

For our studio’s first project, we are looking for an experienced Freelance Narrative Designer that can help us create an immersive experience with an intricate world, using creative narrative structures and systems that create a compelling gameplay experience.

[Your Responsibilities]

  • Develop a compelling world, characters and narrative on the basis of existing concepts and outlines
  • Write intriguing lore for characters and locations
  • Design interactive narrative game systems to create a compelling gameplay experience
  • Become the champion of Morbid Metal’s story bible
  • Work directly with other disciplines: brainstorm, pitch ideas, receive and provide feedback, iterate upon concepts and designs

[Your skills]

  • Professional experience as a designer or in a narrative capacity in at least one shipped game
  • Strong understanding for portraying narrative through game worlds and environments
  • Excellent creative writing skills in English
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Able to come up with innovative narrative techniques and creative ways of delivering a story beat
  • Familiarity with game production pipelines
  • Fluent in English


  • Experience with roguelikes/ run based games and non-linear storytelling
  • Game Design experience
  • A passion for sci-fi and/or action games
  • Experience in writing spoken dialogue
  • Experience designing narrative tools, storytelling systems, dialogue systems, etc.
  • Extensive gaming experience
  • Education in creative writing, narrative design, or related field

[About Us]
Screen Juice is a new, incredibly passionate, independent studio based in Cologne, working remotely across Germany.

Founded in 2022 by Felix Schade, formerly working as a solo developer on Morbid Metal, and after securing funding from one of the industry’s leading publishers, we are now looking to extend the team and build a captivating experience for players who love bad-ass action and engaging experiences, just as we do ourselves.

We are just as passionate about our project as we are about the people creating it. Due to our small team, being part of Screen Juice comes with a lot of personal responsibility, freedom and short decision-making routes. And most importantly – A motivated team full of fellow gamers.

By partnering with one of the industry’s leading publishers we unite fresh talent and innovative ideas, with invaluable experience and knowledge of industry veterans.

[What we offer]

  • Passionate fresh talent with the backing of invaluable experience of industry veterans
  • A motivated team, striving to create awesome games together with awesome people
  • Great team spirit
  • Team members are champions of their respective fields: ownership and responsibility for your work
  • Fully remote position with maximum flexibility
  • We are open for non German speaking team members; our company language is English with regular online team meetings
  • Occasional in-person meet-ups

[Apply Now]
If you are interested in being an important part of a passionate, new studio and you are a highly motivated team player that wants to make an impact on gamers worldwide, please apply here, or directly via email at, sending us your

  • CV
  • Portfolio 
  • any other documents you feel that help underlining your talents and background

If you have any questions regarding the position, Screen Juice or Morbid Metal, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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